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Milwaukie Public Safety Foundation

The Milwaukie Public Safety Foundation began in 2008 as a non-profit organization in

order to help our local Milwaukie Police Department reinstate and sustain our local police K-9

unit. In that year our first tracking dog was purchased. We purchased our second dog, Yago, in

2011. We were also given a narcotics dog, Shaka, which retired in July, 2015. We are reasonably

certain we will be purchasing another dog in the not-too-distant future, either narcotics- or

tracking-trained. The major fund-raiser for this program is our annual 9-K For K-9 Walk held

each July. It has become quite a popular community activity, raising about enough funding to

purchase an additional dog in over just the last two years.

We feel very strongly that all K-9 officers should be protected to the same standards as

their human counterparts. Most K-9 officers are deployed without respect to city or county lines

but as needed throughout the region, often backing other departments, which tends to blur the

jurisdiction of these most special officers. Therefore we have also expanded the Foundation’s K-9

focus to include ballistic/stab-proof vests, primarily for the tracking dogs.

We sponsor the Milwaukie Police Bike Give-away Program, for which we purchase a limited

number of bikes (at store cost) that are given to elementary and middle school children at the

beginning of each summer. These children are chosen by each school based largely on the families’

known circumstances and needs. Our officers fit helmets and provide riding safety training

and spend time with the children. This Program has become quite a popularly supported event

within the community. Our major fund-raiser for this program is a dinner and raffle, usually in


We offer assistance to the City-wide free Paper Shred and Prescription Drug Turn-in Day

each April, along with our Police Cadets and the Milwaukie CERT volunteers. The success

of this event is attested by the growth of the amounts of each that are collected in just a few

hours on a Saturday, with many seniors participating who might otherwise be unable to dispose of

these personal items in a safe and secure manner.

We sponsor the Officer Recognition Dinner, usually in February or March, which is primarily for

our Police Department, to offer the Department thanks from the community they serve and to offer

special recognition to the officer, reserve and cadet that has been chosen by the department

annually to receive special recognition. This has been a sold out event for the last couple of years,

with no cost to the City.

In addition, we also support our Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), in conjunction

with Clackamas Fire District #1. CERT consists of many city-wide volunteers who receive

training and hold monthly practice/training sessions against the day we have a local disaster

that keeps the first responders too busy, or geographically isolated, to be available in all areas of

the city or in some of the surrounding area. We will be hold our fund-raising dinner for CERT

(usually) in October and we hope to collect enough funds for complete training certification for

the members as they become eligible and to help defray the costs of continuing training and the

needs for supplies.

None of the money we collect is used for any other purpose than that for which it is given.

We do not pay anyone and we do not pay for anything other than that which is directly needed for

the given program. Our volunteers not only support these efforts with their “boots on the ground”

with either hours of work or by providing the use of their personal equipment and many other

supplies as needed.

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